Clear Blemishes & Soften Skin with Adobe Photoshop

Do you want to remove skin blemishes, scars or pimples from your portraits?

Some photography clients have a beauty spot that they don’t like or some blemishes on their skin that they want removed from their portrait. In this article, we will show you how to remove these in Photoshop as well as add a filter to soften the skin using the Camera Raw Filter.

Step 1

Select the patch tool and draw a selection around the spots that you want to remove. Move the selection to a clear skin sample area and release the mouse.

Step 2

Draw a selection around each eye and feather your selection by going to Select > Modify > Feather. Type in the desired amount and click OK. Invert the selection by going to Select > Inverse.

Step 3

To soften the skin’s appearance go to Filter > Camera Raw Filter.

In the Basic menu, drag the Texture slider to the left (to around -70) to reduce the texture of the skin. Then drag the Clarity slider to the same degree, this reduces the skin clarity and gives a softened effect.

Step 4

Step 5

Finally add a little colour to the lips by selecting the Sponge tool.
Set the mode to Saturate and flow to around 20%. Run the Sponge tool over the lips to saturate the colour.


The subject suffered acne with numerous blemishes on her face and neck.


Subject’s face appears smooth, soft and blemish free. Eyes are whiter and brighter and the lip colour has been enhanced.