Create a Retro Effect with Adobe Photoshop

Step 1

Open the image that you would like to edit in Photoshop.

Step 2

Adjust the Levels by going to the Image Menu > Adjustments > Levels.

Drag the white slider to 220 (or whatever amount works on your image) and adjust the midtones level slightly to increase the brightness.

Step 3

Adjust the Colour Balance by going to the Image Menu > Adjustments > Colour Balance.

Add the yellow colour tones to the image using the following value, targeting both the Midtones and the Highlights.

Your results should look like this…

Step 4

We are going to add some noise to the image. In the Layers panel create a new layer.

Now fill this layer with black colour by pressing ALT + BACKSPACE if the foreground color is set to black.

Go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise and input the following values:

Then go to Filter > Gassian Blur to soften the effect and input the following values:

Step 5

Finally, change the blending mode of the noise layer to Soft Light.